Welcome Curator!

Thank You!

First, thank you for your help with this new directory!

This note is intended to provide you with the information you need to add new games to the GAMES.NGO directory.

There is an input form which should make this process easy (at least, easier). On the left hand side of screen click on “Add New” to add a new post (i.e. a new game).

Adding a Game (Post) to the Site

    1. On the new screen you will enter the name of the game where it says “Enter title here”.
    2. You’ll have to enter it again in the “Game Title” field. [If you understand how to use Word Press better than me (a very low bar) feel free to fix this so that it only has to be entered once!]
    3. Select the category from the drop-down menu. Generally this will be the category you’ve agreed to curate but unless there’s a compelling reason to do so it might make sense to allow all curators to have access to all categories (but could probably restrict each curator to their category if people think that would be better).
    4. Add a screenshot for the game you are adding by clicking on the “Add Image” button in the Game Image section. As you can see from the games which have already been entered I’ve usually just added the image used by the publisher / developer on their website. Whichever image makes sense to you is fine but it should probably be larger than 800×600. [Currently the other games only have one image each but there’s no reason to limit ourselves.]
    5. In the Game Description section you can enter a few sentences (or more) about the game. I’ve been generally just taking the first few sentences from the producer / developer website but feel free to include what you’d like here. [At some point we might want to decide how objective / subjective we want these game profiles to be but I’m completely open to what is done as long as there is some consistency.]
    6. Enter the name(s) of the game developer(s) (if known).
    7. Enter the name(s) of the game producer(s) (if known).
    8. Select the ESRB rating (if there is none you can leave it at N/A).
    9. Select all of the platforms applicable for the game. [I’ve included all that I’ve come across over the past month I’ve been working on this but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t forgotten any! Please let me know if there are others and I will add them to the drop-list. One that I think should be added is for PDFs for offline games that have instructions / pieces which are available on PDFs for printing. Although the focus here is really video games there are many printable games used by teachers which should probably be added as well. ]
    10. Include the name of the game and the URL for the game. The URL will automatically be styled to open in another window so you can just cut and past the primary URL.
    11. Click the “Add Media” button and the image you’ve already uploaded should appear as a choice and you can just select it. [Again, anybody who knows more about Word Press is welcome to help me to remove some of the redundancy in this entry form.]
    12. Go back to the top of the form and on the right hand side you should see a section for TAGS. Currently the plan is to use tags to indicate platform availability. By entering the platforms separated by commas in this field and hitting ENTER it will associate those platforms with the game. Note: as you type the TAGS the system should find the existing TAG for matching purposes. Confirm that you are using the same verbiage (e.g. use MAC rather than APPLE) to ensure that users searching for game availability will be able to more easily find all games. [And again – this really should auto-populate based on the platforms selected earlier but I haven’t been able to sort it out yet!]
    13. Go back to the top of the form and click on the blue “PUBLISH” button at the top-right of the screen.

The above process handles most of what is necessary to create and publish a new game entry. I still need to assign the proper “skin” to the post to reflect the proper category but that only affects the look of the entry on the home page, not its functionality.

Also, you might have noticed at the bottom of the screen is a “Post to Mastodon” option. Currently it defaults to auto-posting which should be fine. [I’ve added a Mastodon instance to the server to offer a social media channel for those so inclined. It seems to be working properly but could use some beta testers!] Additionally, there is a Twitter button for each game and you can customize the pre-filled text if you’d like (the “tweeter” can replace that default text with whatever they’d like).

Monthly Validation

As I’ve mentioned an important aspect of this directory is that it will be generally current and would like all curators to validate the links in their category monthly. I believe creating a “validated” field similar to this “Post to Mastodon” field would work for this purpose. When the “validated” field is checked and the post is updated the entry would then have an updated “validated” date of the current day. I’m open to other approaches – just let me know!


Please let me know if any of the above instructions are not clear (or feel free to edit this yourselves). Also if you have any questions / suggestions / ideas please share them. My hope is that this will be a collaborative community which will help everybody interested in “nonprofit games.” For years I’ve been frustrated when trying to find or share information about games like these and hope that this collaborative approach will encourage participation from individuals and communities around the world.

Ideally this site and any associated services will become an ecosystem for these gamesĀ and will provide support for creators, designers, educators, funders, researchers, students, and more!

– Drew