Do I Have a Right?

Human Rights:

Do I Have a Right?


About Do I Have a Right?

In iCivics’ new and improved Do I Have A Right?, you’ll run your own firm of lawyers who specialize in constitutional law. Decide if potential clients have a right, match them with the best lawyer, and win the case. The more clients you serve and the more cases you win, the faster your law firm grows. Available in English and Spanish.

Development: Filament Games
Produced by: iCivics
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: iTunes, Web Browser (WebGL)
Link: Do I Have a Right?


Children and Youth:


HONEYMOON is a dating simulator designed to teach young people about healthy dating relationships. The player can select their gender as well as the gender of their crush. Available to play in English or Spanish.

Development: Sandra Lara Castillo, SNDR
Produced by: Jennifer Ann’s Group
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platforms: Amazon Appstore, Google Play, Web Browser