Skins 5.0 – He Ao Hou

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About Skins 5.0 – He Ao Hou

Standing upon a foundation of our culture, language, and practices, we can see across vast distances, even to new worlds. “He Ao Hou,” A New World, is a short video game that is the product of Kanaeokana’s collaboration with the Montreal-based Initiative for Indigenous Futures. IIF ran a three-week workshop that gave haumāna room to envision sustainable new worlds for Hawaiian moʻolelo and values to populate and then gave them the skills necessary to bring them into being. In the final five days of the workshop, the participants created this Hawaiian-language game based on an original story they had come up with, set in a universe filled with our stories and traditions. They did everything from coding to graphics to voice acting. Download the game and immerse yourself in the new world that these haumāna have imagined.

Development: Skins 5.0 Skins Summer Institute
Produced by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (Abtec)
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: MAC, PC
Link: Skins 5.0 – He Ao Hou