Skins 4.0 – Ienién:te and the Peacemaker’s Wampum

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About Skins 4.0 – Ienién:te and the Peacemaker’s Wampum

Skins 4.0 took place from May 27 to June 14, 2013 at Concordia University in Montreal. During this three-week intensive workshop, participants created a game with some brand new characters. Ienién:te and the Peacemaker’s Wampum follows our heroine, Ienién:te (yeh-YAWN-day), home from University with her brand new Archeology degree, as she is visited in a dream by a bear spirit. The spirit tells her of evil wrongdoings nearby–which only she can set right. Using a combination of the school smarts she brings home from University and the traditional knowledge that she learns from her grandmother in the game, Ienién:te avoids security guards’ flashlights and solves increasingly difficult puzzles to reach an ancient, sacred and powerful artifact– the Peacemaker’s original wampum. The wampum was stolen by her evil archaeology professor, who is using their power to fuel his own immortality. Only by rediscovering her culture and returning the artifacts can she foil the corporate aspirations of world domination and protect the worlds from the powerful ancient evils they had carelessly unleashed.

Development: Skins 4.0 Skins Summer Institute
Produced by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (Abtec)
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: PC, Web Browser (Unity)
Link: Skins 4.0 – Ienién:te and the Peacemaker’s Wampum