Is your portrait in a Museum?

About Is your portrait in a museum?

This is more of a "toy" than a game but is somewhat compelling and is honestly free. The Google Arts & Culture app has a new feature which allows the user to take a self-portrait which Google then analyzes to find a person in a famous work of art who looks (vaguely) similar to the user.

As you can see in the attached image the app found that Drew most looks like the artist Whistler as seen in his self-portrait. The similarities here appear to be the hair above the lip, eyebrows, and presence of one nose, one mouth, and two eyes.

While we aren't overwhelmed with the results we are intrigued by the concept!

To use: download the app and on the home screen scroll past the first few entries until you get to a box with the following text: "Is your portrait in a museum?" - tap on the box and then follow the instructions. If successful you should receive several images of artwork which look somewhat like your picture with a percentage indicating similarity. Despite repeated attempts the highest similarity we achieved was 50%.

This could be a fun way to introduce students to classic works of art . . . what other ideas are there to use this in a classroom?

Development: Google
Produced by: Google
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platforms: Google Play
Link: Google Arts & Culture