Path Out

About Path Out

Path Out is is an autobiographical adventure game that allows the players to replay the journey of Abdullah Karam, a young Syrian artist that escaped the civil war in 2014. Path Out is a tale full of surprises, challenges and paradoxical humor, giving insight in this real-life adventure, on which Abdullah comments through Youtube-style videos in the game. In this first leg of Abdullah's journey, he recalls life before the war, a family decision that led to his departure and the perilous journey from his hometown Hama to the Turkish border through the war-torn Aleppo province. The players follow Abdullah's path, getting to know his life, family and surrounding in a narrative adventure that also contains numerous quests and challenges that are based on real events. The game play closely follows narrative classics like To The Moon, adding the bitter flavor of the Syrian war, the violence by soldiers and rebels that the players have to escape and the murderous minefield that have to be navigated during the escape.

Development: Causa Creations
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Linux, MAC, PC
Link: Path Out


About #Hacked

#Hacked – Syria’s Electronic Armies is a real-life investigation into Syria’s cyberwar presented in the form of a mobile web app. It’s a war where viruses and malware is proving just as dangerous as guns and bullets and the user is asked to gather the maximum amount of information in the minimum amount of time without endangering the security of his / her sources and without getting hacked.

Development: Al Jazeera
Produced by: Al Jazeera
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser
Link: #Hacked

Endgame: Syria

About Endgame: Syria

This is an interactive exploration of the War in Syria. Based on research from a wide range of sources, it is your role to guide the rebels in their struggle. How will you fight? Will you accept peace? Choices have consequences . . .

Development: GameTheNews
Produced by: Auroch Digital
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: iTunes, MAC, PC, Web Browser
Link: Endgame: Syria

The Best Amendment

About The Best Amendment

An unofficial NRA game about gun control, tactical shooting, and 4th dimensional thinking.

Be the good guy with a gun! Stop the bad guys with guns! But will that make you a bad guy in the eyes of somebody else?

Explore the complexities of the conservative way of thinking in this unique Massively Single Player Game.

Development: Molleindustria
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: MAC, PC, Web Browser (Flash)
Link: The Best Amendment

At Stake

War, Peace, and Conflict Resolution:

@ stake


About @Stake

@Stake is a digital multiplayer roleplaying game that fosters creativity and empathy in small group deliberation. Addressing different perspectives while solving complex social problems is a science and an art. At times, the barriers between overcoming community divides and biases to solve local problems can feel impenetrable. @Stake was created to help facilitate productive and fair conversations in classrooms, conferences, strategic board meetings, and public events. By playing @Stake, participants learn that productive conversations thrive off of authentic listening and multiple perspectives.

Development: Engagement Lab @Emerson College
Produced by: Engagement Lab @Emerson College
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser
Link: @stake


War, Peace, and Conflict Resolution:



About Mediator

As the personification of faith in reconciliation, become the impersonal mediator and prevent various conflicts from getting escalated! Face siblings fighting for a lollipop, football fans and superpowers on the verge of a nuclear conflict. How long will you be able to keep the peace?

Development: Sebastian Krzyszkowiak and Konrad Burandt
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Linux, PC
Link: Mediator