Boolean Escape

About Boolean Escape

Boolean Escape is inspired by the Room-Escape Flash games of the early 2000's.

Everyone who plays will lock their key into a combination safe. Who's key you find is entirely down to you guessing a correct combination. It might take you a while but eventually you'll discover a key. If you don't have the patience you can play Boolean Escape without a key.

A boolean can be true or false. A button can be on or off. A lever can be up or down. A key can lead to safety or can lock you away forever.

This is a short game (probably about 10 minutes) where the aim of the game is to escape the strange world you find yourself in.

Your fate lies in the hands of a previous player.

Development: Dan Sanderson
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: MAC, PC
Link: Boolean Escape