Culture Overlord

In Culture Overlord the player selects which media items the game’s protagonist, Dan, encounters. What book will Dan read? What website will he visit? What advertisements will he watch? And what impact does this have on Dan?

This media literacy game has two modes: Discovery Mode and Edu Mode. In Discovery Mode, the player can focus on the narrative and gameplay. In Edu Mode the player receives additional in-game information during the breaks between the game’s three acts. Players are advised to play Discovery Mode on their first playthrough so that they can focus on the game experience. On subsequent playthroughs, playing in Edu Mode provides insight into the role played by selecting different media items to help better understand the importance of media literacy.

It’s good to note that Dan, as stated by his friend Sandro, “is highly influenceable.” As such, if Dan sees an advertisement for an “electric bike” then that is what he will purchase. If he listens to a song after a breakup, then the lyrics for that song determine how Dan responds to the end of that relationship.

The game’s purpose, as described on the website is to promote healthy dating relationships and media literacy. More specifically, “to encourage players, especially young people, to consider what impact movies, books, songs, games, websites, and more has on them.”

As explained by the game’s website, “media literacy is not taught in classrooms very often” and “fewer than one-third of states include media literacy in their education standards.” Similarly, healthy dating relationships is rarely taught in classrooms.

This is the first time we’ve seen both important topics addressed in one video game!

Lamplight Hollow

Where do your dreams take you?

Lucid dreams can help dreamers grow.

These lucid dreams can help dreamers explore resolve issues. Issues they might not be aware of in their waking lives. Issues their subconscious are eager to tackle

The dreaded Tutorial Dungeon

Lamplight Hollow is about such a dreamer.

Join this dreamer as they undertake a journey through their dreams — exploring the unexplored, examining the unexamined, and befriending the not-always-friendly.

Lamplight Hollow is a violence-free game.

Explore the dreamer’s world and consider its implications.

You will be joined by a motley group of characters who might or might not be helpful, will find treasures that might or might not be treasured, and might even recall those memories that were seemingly too-easy-to-forget.

What do our dreams have to tell us?

Lamplight Hollow, a clever and quirky RPG. Created by Luciano Sgarbi. Presented by Jennifer Ann’s Group.