How to Blorrble-Blobble

About How to Blorrble-Blobble

"How to Blorrble Blobble" is an award winning serious game about consent. This clever upbeat game introduces the concept of consent through a series of dance lessons. How to Blorrble Blobble was designed and developed by Jared Sain of the U.S. and was produced by Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity.

Development: Jared Sain
Produced by: Jennifer Ann's Group
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser
Link: How to Blorrble Blobble



A free interactive fiction piece set in a world where the UK has voted to leave the EU, a far right-wing government is in power in the UK, and where President 'Drumpf' has taken control of the USA.

Development: Written by Greg Buchanan; Music by Seb J. J. Peters
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: MAC, PC

Dumb Ways to Kill the Oceans

About Dumb Ways to Kill the Oceans

From the developers of "Dumb Ways to Die" --

Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans is a small but mighty mini-game highlighting some of the biggest challenges faced by our oceans. Get inspired by Hapless, Numpty & Dippy and make small changes to your own lives that can help make our oceans and our planet a healthier one for everyone.

Development: Playmob
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser (WebGL)
Link: Dumb Ways to Kill the Oceans

Path Out

About Path Out

Path Out is is an autobiographical adventure game that allows the players to replay the journey of Abdullah Karam, a young Syrian artist that escaped the civil war in 2014. Path Out is a tale full of surprises, challenges and paradoxical humor, giving insight in this real-life adventure, on which Abdullah comments through Youtube-style videos in the game. In this first leg of Abdullah's journey, he recalls life before the war, a family decision that led to his departure and the perilous journey from his hometown Hama to the Turkish border through the war-torn Aleppo province. The players follow Abdullah's path, getting to know his life, family and surrounding in a narrative adventure that also contains numerous quests and challenges that are based on real events. The game play closely follows narrative classics like To The Moon, adding the bitter flavor of the Syrian war, the violence by soldiers and rebels that the players have to escape and the murderous minefield that have to be navigated during the escape.

Development: Causa Creations
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Linux, MAC, PC
Link: Path Out

Cancer Game

About Cancer Game

Explore this Samorost-style puzzle game to learn helpful information about cancer prevention.

Development: Wei Wei
Produced by: Cafa / Experimental multimedia studio
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser (Flash)
Link: Cancer Game

A Closed World

About A Closed World

Have you ever been so frustrated, so fed up with where you are, that you just want to throw it all away and run off to somewhere new?

In A Closed World you play as a young person who has decided to do exactly that. This console RPG-like game puts you in the shoes of a young resident of a village just outside a forest that everyone says is a place of no return. Supposedly home to hungering demons and a beast that would destroy the village, the forest is forbidden and nobody knows what's on the other side. However, our hero's beloved -- tired of the oppressive attitude of the villagers -- decided to go there, as anywhere would be better than home. Now it's your turn to follow after.

Are you willing to risk everything to find out what's on the other side?


Development: Todd Harper (Product Owner); Abe Stein (Game Director); Sophia Yuen Shu Hui (Producer); Lex Johnson (QA Lead); Praveen Namasivayam (Designer); Bree Westphal (Artist); Peter Tan (Artist); Kevin Laughlin (Artist); Tran Hung Nguyen (Programmer); Jovi Tan (Programmer); Casey Merhige (Audio Designer)
Produced by: The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser (Flash)
Link: A Closed World

The Redistricting Game

About The Redistricting Game

The Redistricting Game is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting. Currently, the political system in most states allows the state legislators themselves to draw the lines. This system is subject to a wide range of abuses and manipulations that encourage incumbents to draw districts which protect their seats rather than risk an open contest.

By exploring how the system works, as well as how open it is to abuse, The Redistricting Game allows players to experience the realities of one of the most important (yet least understood) aspects of our political system. The game provides a basic introduction to the redistricting system, allows players to explore the ways in which abuses can undermine the system, and provides info about reform initiatives - including a playable version of the Tanner Reform bill to demonstrate the ways that the system might be made more consistent with tenets of good governance. Beyond playing the game, the web site for The Redistricting Game provides a wealth of information about redistricting in every state as well as providing hands-on opportunities for civic engagement and political action.

Development: Chris Swain, Peggy Weil, Jeremy Bernstein, Duane Dunfield
Produced by: USC Annenberg Center for Communications
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser (Flash)

By the Watercooler

About By the Watercooler

A game about teen dating violence created by a high school student!

"Remember, there is no greater cause than helping others. Work to increase awareness of, and help prevent, Teen Dating Violence."

Development: Matthew Schneider
Produced by: Jennifer Ann's Group
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser (Flash)
Link: By the Watercooler

ReachOut Orb

About ReachOut Orb

ReachOut Orb uses positive psychology to engage Year 9 & 10 students in building key skills to increase their mental fitness & wellbeing.

Produced by: ReachOut Australia
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platforms: iTunes, MAC, PC
Link: ReachOut Orb

Packets, Please!

About Packets, Please!

With the repeal of net neutrality rules you are the new big data, data throttler. Not all data is equal. Do your job and follow the company policy!

Read company emails to get the latest policy changes. Throttle, boost, or disconnect customers in accordance with the current rules.

Try not to get fired!

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018. The theme was "Transmission".

Development: Gameplay Code - Vu Ha (@stregawolf); Artist - Rose Peng (@ouroborose); System Design & Code - Ted DiNola (@esdin); Code & Testing - Jordan Cazamias; Audio - Niko Korolog; Character Artist - Chris Palacios; Intern - Andrew Lee (@alee12131415)
Produced by:
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platforms: Web Browser (WebGL)
Link: Packets, Please!