Games can be great entertainment – and many other things. The games.ngo website was created to provide a directory of curated games. The directory is intended to cover a very wide variety of subjects. We are interested in finding new ways that games are being used and being useful. We feel the games included here aren’t all necessarily entertaining – but are all compelling.

Games can entertain – and inform, educate, persuade, and more.

All of the games here have been created by nonprofits or for not-for-profit purposes. We’ve always loved games. Since the early days of fifty-cents-per-play PONG we’ve loved the challenge, the escape, the community – but we also love games created for purposes other than entertainment.

The growth in health games, serious games, persuasive games, and games seeking-a-label is exciting and we want to provide a directory of those games. Games which are not necessarily entertaining but are otherwise compelling.

These compelling games are often free because the developer’s primary motivation is to share them. They are sharing their passion – their mission – their joy. We want to provide a platform for their games because when you are giving away your game it’s difficult to pay for the advertising to tell people about your game. We hope this free resource helps both the creators and the consumers of these games.

These are honestly free games.

Please note that these games are not demos, or limited, or free-to-play. The word free has lost some of its meaning (and value) due in part to the free to play market. All of the games shared here are honestly free in order to be available to as many people as possible. They might accept donations – and if you like the game we encourage your support.

How to Contact Us

Please follow our accounts on Twitter and Facebook or email us at contact@games.ngo. We have several curators and are going to see how things go before opening up the directory for submissions. We also hope to add the ability to easily indicate incorrect items. But for now, if you see an error please send us the info about what was wrong and why via any of the above contact methods. Our hope is to verify all links every 30 days to help maintain the accuracy of the directory.

This free game directory and campaign is presented by Jennifer Ann’s Group, a nonprofit organization which has been producing digital games since 2008 through its Gaming Against Violence program. The games produced by Jennifer Ann’s Group address issues affecting adolescents like abuse, bystander awareness, consent, and healthy relationships. All games are honestly free in an effort to provide teens, parents, and teachers an evidence-based resource for violence prevention.

The sponsors and supporters of Jennifer Ann’s Group provide the funding for Jennifer Ann’s Group’s games, associated educational resources, research, and outreach programs like games.ngo but are in no way responsible for the content or opinions shared here in this free game directory or elsewhere. (This is especially true if something here has annoyed you.)